Coaching/Consultancy Office

We believe that by giving high quality and customized advice, our clients will achieve faster and better personal and professional results. Grow your knowledge and your opportunities with thought leadership, training and tools. All sessions are held by professional experts with 15+ years of field experience.

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Develop your skills, learn latest techniques and achieve your career goals from anywhere in the world.

Build lateral knowledge

Being able to approach problems from different angles is an essential skill.

We can help you map your experience and review the option available for your customized knowledge growth plan. All one needs to succeed is the right guidance & tools and we can help with both.

Own your career progression

Utilize coaching to get a competitive advantage to reach the next level in your career.

Step up your career game plan, prepare for interviews, job search & promotion. Our sessions are a crash course on being an A player at work and achieve exponential growth.

Get solutions to real life situations

Feeling anxious and tired of figuring out on your own specific digital forensics, OPSEC, OSINT topic related questions?

Work together with our coaches to address real life situations and find out best options on how to solve problems / tasks and other questions you might have.

Coaching Catalogue
Enjoy a large variety of coaching and mentoring type of sessions with professionals in the field. You are the creator of your own career & we will guide you through the journey.

How our collaboration begins (approx. 30 min sessions one on one):

Introductory call *$50

Short chat on who we are, who is the client, what are the clients goals and how we can work together

*We will not charge for this call if we can’t help you achieve your goals

On what topics we can work together (approx. 60 min sessions one on one):

Career progression$100

includes CV review, goals and career path coaching and mentoring customized advice with regards to how you can grow in the cybersecurity field.

Knowledge road map$100

the mentor will provide an overview of worthwhile theoretical and practical content based on your profile and goals and work with you to create a study plan.

Project & Task Q/A$150

your coach will go over your work, give you specialized inputs to make your work better, act as challenger and discuss available solutions.

Expert Consultation$150

discuss any cybersecurity questions / problems (ie deciding on a strategy for your business, launching a cybersecurity software product)

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